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10-Week Farm to Retail Program

Program Details

Program Description:

The aim of this 10-class program is to provide entrepreneurs who may also be small or medium-sized farmers and food product owners the knowledge, skills and networking opportunities to turn their recipes into retail-ready products.



  1. Food Trends for 2021, Idea Feasibility, Recipe Creation Discussion

  2. Competitive Analysis, Constraints & Channels

  3. Value Proposition, Business Plan & Canvas

  4. Food Science, Recipe Development, Where to Produce

  5. Sanitation & Food Safety

  6. Circularity & Sustainability in Food

  7. Food Packaging and Nutrition Labeling

  8. Branding and Marketing your Food Product

  9. Financial Feasibility & Profitability

  10. Food Product Sales & the Art of Pitching

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop the skills and knowledge of how to turn a small-batch recipe into a scalable recipe for large-scale production, for retail sale

  2. Explore opportunities for and application of sustainable food business practices

  3. Understand the basics of the psychology of food branding, purchasing behavior and best practices for building a food-specific marketing strategy

  4. Understand and apply principles of food packaging and nutrition labeling requirements as per Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

  5. Increase understanding of principles of food safety and safe food production techniques

  6. Learn the methods behind scaling a small batch recipe into a scalable recipe formulation

  7. Entrepreneurs will leave with the basic knowledge to be able to finance, package, label, brand and market their own food product.


Program Delivery:

This is a live (never pre recorded) workshop held completely online via Zoom. Each class is 2.5 hours in length and can run for any 10 days of your choosing at your preferred time.


The classes involve live question and answer periods as well as direct interaction between the cohort of entrepreneurs and our food industry expert speakers.

Our programs follow the following guidelines:


What our Students Have Said

The  Food Venture Program really helped me establish a clear direction for launching my food business.  I had talked to many different professionals trying to obtain information on where to start, and no one really knew details about a food business specifically.  Sima and Kiran introduce many contacts and industry experts who help streamline the overall process of how and where to start when launching a food business.  I had spent a significant investment of my savings trying to launch my business venture, and if I had taken this course earlier I'm positive it would have saved me time, money, and the stress of not knowing!  I advise anyone who is interested in starting up a food business to take this course first because by the end you will be ready to pitch your food product to potential buyers with confidence. 

Perri R, Owner of Dairy Belles


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