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Food Venture Scale Up Program

This program is specifically for entrepreneurs who have a food product based business.

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Who it's for

  • Must be operating a food or beverage product business

  • Must have at least one product SKU 

  • Must have approximately over 10k in annual sales

  • Must be selling via a minimum of one avenue (farmer's market, online, retail, etc).

Learning Objectives

  • Learn everything you need to know to add more SKUs to your product offerings without any hiccups

  • Learn how to improve your sales calls/meetings and secure new retailers

  • Get a better handle on your cashflow and financials

  • Meet other food entrepreneurs who share the same struggles and learn from their success stories

  • Learn how to leverage your social media platforms to increase sales and customer engagement

  • Understand how to improve company culture and bring on new staff that work in line with your goals

  • Get a better handle on your food safety and traceability

  • By the end of this program, you will have the knowledge to be ready for large-scale distribution!

12 Session Outline

  1. Entrepreneur Meet and Greet/Goal Setting

  2. The Innovation Process 

  3. Managing Cash Flow

  4. Software Tools to Grow your Business (AI and more)

  5. Adding new SKUs and Copacking

  6. Traceability and Record Keeping

  7. Human Resource Management 

  8. Branding and Go to Market Strategy for Scaleups

  9. Growth via Social Media 

  10. Sales and Distribution for Scaling up 

  11. Making Better Sell Sheets, Managing Broker/Distributor Relationships

  12. Panel Discussion

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Other Details

  • Weekly LIVE classes held online

    (NEVER pre-recorded)

  • 1-1 professional food industry mentorship from executives, dietitians & serial entrepreneurs in food industry

  • Receive a FVP Certificate of Completion!

  • Lifetime access to a private community of food/beverage entrepreneurs with resources updated regularly

Image by Eduardo Soares

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