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Food Truck

Starting a Food Service Business

In this 3 hour introductory class, participants will receive a high level overview of what it takes to start a food service business.



Entreprenuers wanting to start a restaurant, food truck, catering or any other kind of service style food/drink establishment. 

Learning Objectives

In this 3 hour class, participants will learn

  • How to start a food service business (restaurant, food truck, catering)

  • How not to fail as a food service business owner

  • How to create a thriving business model and culture

  • How COVID has changed the food service environment and how new food service establishments are operating based on these changes

  • Successful budgeting tips

  • Menu design and various service styles and which is best for your establishment

Program Delivery

This class is offered live on Zoom and presented by a food industry expert speaker. Live discussion periods are incorporated into the session.

The Expert

We have collaborated with Chef Adam Lamb to bring you this engaging class!

Adam Lamb is an Author and Speaker who has spent the last 25 years as an Executive Chef running high profile restaurants, hotels and multi entertainment complexes. He leverages his passion and experience in his Coaching practice with Culinary Professionals, Business Owners & Thought Leaders all around the world. He is also the host of the only radio show for chefs by chefs, Chef Life Radio. 

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"This class is worth taking. It has helped me think more in depth than I was. I absolutely loved learning from Chef Adam and the others involved. I will be sharing it with my school for sure."


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