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How to use AI tools to support your food startup


Hey food entrepreneurs, Do you struggle to create content for your social media or blog? Are you overwhelmed by a never ending to-do list? Do you have good ideas but wonder how to bring them to life? There’s good news… Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you blast through those tasks in a fraction of the time IF you know how to use it. More good news… Our AI course is designed to help you with exactly that! Course Outline The dangers of using 100% AI generated content Pros and cons of specific AI tools Case Study: AI for a Food Product Brand In the case study you will learn how to use AI for: Market analysis & growth prediction Flavour development Creating a consumer persona Creating a brand name Packaging design direction/ mood board Logo design direction Website landing page design direction Identifying stores and distributors to pitch to Marketing plan (outline) Generating relevant blog topics Writing blog posts with SEO optimization Repurposing blogs to social media content What are you waiting for? Learn how to work AI so it can start working for you: Enroll Now!


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