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Circularity & Sustainability in Food Production


This program is a 4-day program with classes running for 2.5hrs per day. It can be run consecutively or once per week for 4-weeks in total. It is offered live online by food system sustainability experts.

Who this program is for:

This program is for anyone looking to grow a food/beverage product business with an emphasis on ensuring sustainable food production and business practices are integrated into everyday business. It is for people that already have an established business with a minimum income of at least 10k/year.

Course Overview: 

- Entrepreneurs will be engaged in the leading sustainability factors and considerations for developing a food and/or beverage product for success in today’s marketplace.

- With an initial overview on the booming market demand and opportunity for innovation in sustainability-driven foods, entrepreneurs will become aware and empowered in regards to the elements that will distinguish their product.

- This course is based on case studies and real-life examples of sustainable businesses. 

Entrepreneurs will learn how integrating these principles can result in cost-savings


Topics Covered:

  1. Discovering Purposeful Profits & Understanding B Corps

  2. Efficiencies, Cost Savings; Local vs Global Supply Chains

  3. Discovering Already-Existing Value and Creating New Value

  4. Product Ideation


This is a live (never pre recorded) 4-day workshop, with each day consisting of a 2.5 hour interactive session with case studies.



This course is available as of March 1st 2021!

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Interested in running this program? 

Contact us at info@foodventureprogram.com