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The Mystical Number of Ju Panggola in Gorontalo

The Muslims in Gorontalo District which lies in west part of North Sulawesi Province, undoubtedly recognize the Ju Panggola name. Ju Panggola was a scholar, warrior and well-known Waliyullah in the 16th century. Basically, Ju Panggola was a charismatic figure whose grave was sacred, as well as until now many individuals have actually always visited his shelter. As a tribute, Ju Panggola's mausoleum was developed behind the mihrab of Mosque Quba a tiny mosque, in addition to a hill with a beautiful panorama around it.

Ju Panggola is really a title, which means "senior leader". The people of Gorontalo in old times had always recognized Ju Panggola as an old man in a white bathrobe that reaches to the knees. He is additionally referred to as Ilato or Lightning as a result of his resist the Dutch intruders. Tale claims he was able to disappear as well as reappear if the country remained in dire circumstances. Because of his solutions, Ju Panggola got a personalized designation as "Ta Lo'o Baya Lipu" or an individual who contributed to the people ", as a sign of the honor and also the Wisata Celebes of the nation.

Ju Panggola is additionally referred to as a propagator of Islam religion. Thanks to his mastery of high spiritual expertise, he is not just called an Ulama (Cleric), however also as a Wali Allah (Guardian of Allah). And also as a competitor, he is also referred to as a proficient warrior in fighting styles which in Gorontalo is called Langga. Thanks to his supernatural powers likewise, he does not require to literally educate his trainees, yet merely by trickling water on the student's eyes, as well as after that, the trainee gets outstanding martial arts moves spontaneously.

However there is an additional variation of the tale that says Ilato is a King. However, nobody can confirm whether Ilato Ju Panggola was likewise King Ilato, the boy of King Amai who ruled the Gorontalo Kingdom from 1550-- 1585, as well as established Islam as the main religion of the kingdom. To be sure, on a stone engraving on the hill which is also the foundation of the Quba Mosque, etched the words: Masjid Quba, the tomb of Ta'awuliya King Ilato Ju Panggola, Ta Lo'o Baya Lipu, 1673 AD, died Sunday 1 Muharam 1084 H.

Like many tales, a variation says, Ju Panggola died in Mecca. However an additional variation says, he did not pass away, but went away amazingly. So what concerning the tomb behind the mihrab of the Quba Mosque which is thought to be the tomb of Ju Panggola? According to local tourist officials, the sacred tomb was constructed by neighborhood homeowners just to value a miracle in the land where the graveyard is now situated.

The white ground on capital is very aromatic Kuliner Khas Sulawesi Barat. According to the senior stories, Ju Panggola once had a testimony, "Wherever there is a fragrant smell as well as the soil is white, that's where I am." That is the reason the neighborhood residents presume the hill is where Ju Panggola "had a lengthy remainder.".

The Ju Panggola's sacred tomb is consisted of in a space determining 3 x 3 meters. The floor is made of white ceramic, the exact same shade as the frame covering the wall surface hanging down to the flooring. A fan stayed with the ceiling of the burial place.

According to the graveyard keeper, the white and also great smelling dirt is typically taken by explorers, since they believe that a pinch of the graveyard dirt can be made use of as medication. In fact there are also women who earn a lump of land to be utilized as a powder scrub. They believed the dirt can make them much more beautiful. Incredibly, even though the dirt is frequently taken by pilgrims, the burial ground is never hollow or lessened.

When the completely dry period comes, many individuals see the tomb. At Ju Panggola's spiritual tomb, they typically wish seven days while fasting and praying fervently. There are likewise some explorers who perform unique rituals by placing a container of water in the burial place for 3 days and also 3 evenings. They really hope that the water will be the treatment for all sort of illness.

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