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(rp 925.00) And now the not so interesting parts of the data: +10 more tweets in a day! Total number of followers grew from 91 to 97 Total number of tweet followers increased from 1,354 to 1,364 No other metrics changed Dinner at nikita’s! The fabulous food that just doesn’t happen to be cheap. Kanazawa is the seat of Gunma prefecture and was the former capital of feudal Japan. I spent 3 weeks in the area while volunteering with a nonprofit. I visited a number of sites including castles, temples, museums, and parks, one of which was the Izu Peninsula, with my other one being the gorgeous Mount Tsukuba. I also visited Nikita, where they served the best pasta I’ve ever had, and Kinko, where I met a friend for a long walk that helped me get over my jet lag. Mug shots of tourists stealing my phone camera One of my favorite sites in Kanazawa was Kinko. We spent our afternoon there eating pasta, drinking beer, and walking around the park. There was some sort of reggae band playing at the edge of the woods. I hope you enjoyed this little look into my life. I’ll continue to talk about my volunteer experience next week. 1. For an hour or two. 2. Because the Internet is such a wonderful source of information. 3. When my phone is in my hand. 4. If it’s the latest version. 5. When it’s the best version. 6. When it’s the newest version. 7. When my calendar tells me that I have time to sit down for hours on end and work on projects. 8. When I have no plans and don’t want to have plans. 9. When it’s not my holiday. 10. In the past year. 11. If it’s making money. 12. If it’s making a meaningful difference. 13. When it takes 10 minutes to do. 14. When it takes 5 minutes to do. 15. When it’s something I’ve already done. 16. When it’s something I don’t have to do. 17. If it’s




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Download Desain Sampul Buku Cdr 17

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