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Food Service Startup
12 Week Bootcamp

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What it is:

This 12 session program is curated for entrepreneurship centres to run under their own banner. This program helps those who want to start a restaurant, food truck or catering business to get their businesses off the ground. 


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More Details:

This 12-session workshop is for foodies thinking about starting a food service business and are not sure where to start. This program offers a deep dive into conducting market research, scouting the right location(s), human resource management, realistic costs, food safety, keeping up with the trends and changing service styles and much more!

Program Delivery

  • This is a live (never pre recorded) workshop held completely online via Zoom. Each class is 2.5 hours in length and can run for any 12 days of your choosing at your preferred time.

  • The classes involve live question and answer periods as well as direct interaction between the cohort of entrepreneurs and the speakers.


Want to Run this Program?

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