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Culinary Tourism
Program Details

Program Description

The aim of this 3-class program is to provide food entrepreneurs the knowledge, skills and networking opportunities to elevate their food businesses (restaurants, food retail stores, and or food products) in their local communities with the aim of attracting tourists to their regions.


  1. Elevating the Local Culinary and Agri-Tourism Experience

  2. Branding & Storytelling for Culinary Tourism

  3. Food Photography & Social Media Skills Development​​​

Program Delivery

This is a live (never pre recorded) workshop held completely online via Zoom. Each class is 2.5 hours in length and can run for any 3 days of your choosing at your preferred time.


The classes involve live question and answer periods as well as direct interaction between the cohort of entrepreneurs and our food industry expert speakers.


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Our programs follow the following guidelines: